Clinical Trial Management.

EHG is a certified provider for an umbrella of services to manage your global clinical trial needs, including kit production, labeling for primary and secondary packaging as well as storage, customs services and distribution. Furthermore, we have our own network of Qualified Persons (QPs) to release your approved drugs and investigational medicinal products.

Clinical Trial Management
EarlyHealth Group - Clinical Trial Management
Clinical Trial Project Management
Clinical Trial Management - Customized Primary and Secondary Packaging
Tailored IMP Kit Production and Labeling

Clinical Trial Project Management

Professional Project Management for every step of the way with extensive expertise in managing multiple country trial sites.

Customized Primary and Secondary Packaging

We offers primary and secondary packaging services for clinical supplies. We focus on complex trial designs and aim to provide the most compliant and effective packaging design and supply chain management solutions.

Tailored IMP Kit Production and Labeling

Our tailored IMP kit production and labeling operations can design complex, customized kits with clinical and non-clinical supplies at any temperature.

Quality Management

Pharmaceutical products, including supplies for clinical trials, must be ready for their intended use, comply with the relevant requirements and must not place patients at risk due to inadequate safety, quality or efficacy. To reach this quality objective in a reliable manner, we implemented a comprehensive quality management system in which all quality assurance measures are based on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

QP Release and Consultancy Services

We take care of your products all the way from certification to release by our Qualified Persons (QPs). Our MPs have been manufactured according to standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) at equivalent to those applied in the EU.

Certified Destruction

We coordinate return dispatch, receipt, and accountability for further processing to destruction or export of clinical trial materials– all via our certified quarantine allocation and storage.

Certified Provider - Clinical Trial Management
Clinical Trial Management - Quality Management
Clinical Trial - QP Release and Consultancy Services
Clinical Trial Management - Certified Destruction
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