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Adnan believes in the global equality and accessibility of healthcare, no matter their social, economic, religious or cultural background. His team has been handpicked to execute this vision and ensure that EarlyHealth Group plays a growing part in the life sciences industry. Speaking Arabic and English, Adnan is married with five kids and based in the UAE.

Adnan Mohammad Lanjawi

Bilal has been elected chairman of the board in 2020 and helps steer the company through its global strategy. Having been affected by short comings in health care systems, Bilal knows firsthand the importance of patient accessibility to novel treatment and the struggles faced by stakeholders to develop and bring to market these novel treatments. Speaking Arabic and English, Bilal is married and based in the UAE.

Bilal Ramzan

Adrian serves as legal officer at EarlyHealth Group. With over 25 years legal experience specialized in corporate law and taxation, Adrian manages contracts, partnerships, and corporate group integration compliances with focus on DACH region. Having worked for UBS AG and member of various international lawyers’ associations, Adrian is a key player in driving complex projects forward. Working from our Swiss office, Adrian speaks English, Germany and French.

Adrian Schmid
Senior Legal Officer

Joaquin serves as Global Director of Managed Access Programs at EarlyHealth Group. With a background in microbiology and educated in both Spain and the USA, Joaquin has held for over 15 years senior positions in medical affairs and patient access programs for Pharmacia, Pfizer and WBA. Having led projects for Novartis in India and opened distribution models for patients in Argentina, Joaquin has key knowledge and experience in carrying out his global leadership role. Speaking English and Spanish, Joaquin is based out of our Spanish offices.

Joaquin Campbell
Global Director MAS

Ignacio serves as Director of Managed Access Programs for the LATAM region. With close to a decade dedicated to patient accessibility in the LATAM region, Ignacio manages our teams in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay and Uruguay for patient access, along with ensuring the operations of our exclusive distribution rights in these territories. Speaking English and Spanish, Ignacio works from our Spanish office.

Ignacio Blat
Regional Director MAS

Andres serves as our CEO at EarlyHealth Argentina. With legal background and decades of experience working in public health care, Andres is a prominent figure whose dedication to healthcare for the Argentinian people has made him a key opinion leader in his field. Prior to joining EarlyHealth, Andres was director of one of the largest health insurance companies in Argentina, and advocating health reform in his political and public roles for the Buenos Aires government.

Andres Albor
Director MAS

Hugo serves as Chief Operating Officer at EarlyHealth Argentina. With more than 30 years experience on the Argentinian market, both from medical affairs to retail distribution, Hugo is plays a vital role in the region. With his team, they manage the distribution and retail aspects of the regional business, as well as supporting and bridging the requirements from hospitals and public health insurance organizations. Hugo works from our Buenos Aires offices.

Hugo Paradiñeiro
Director Operations

Max serves as Sales Director for CTS in Europe / UK regions. Managing a team supporting comparator materials for clinical studies, Max has strong Europe and UK market knowledge in ensuring customers access to product requirements. Max is based out of our Dubai office.

Max Leaver
Sales Director – CTS
Region – EU

Gokhan serves as Sales Director for CTS in Europe / CIS regions. Having worked in our Ukraine, Russian and UK offices, Gokhan brings a wide experience in the European and CIS markets. His team ensures that customers leverage on their experience in the CTS and CTMS services offered in these regions. Speaking English, Dutch, French and Turkish, Gokhan is based out of our Dubai offices.

Gokhan Mektepli
Sales Director – CTS
Region – CIS

Evie serves as our Senior Account Manager CTS at EarlyHealth Group. Having gained experience in Europe clinical trial service companies, Evie is dedicated in managing and supporting clinical trial services for our key customers. Speaking English, Evie works from our Dubai office.

Evie Cleary
Senior Account Manager – CTS
Region – UK / EU

Ben serves as Director for global Business Development in particular for Clinical Trial Management Services. With a strong background in CDMO services, Ben leads our team in providing solutions to Sponsor’s and CRO’s for packing, labelling, kit preparation, QP release and regulatory services through our sites in Germany, USA and India. Ben is specialized in the DACH region but joins our global team managing pharmaceutical and biotech companies in Israel, Korea and USA. Speaking English and German, Ben works from our German office.

Benjamin Baranyai
Director Global Business Development
Region – Europe

Mike has more than 20 years experience in various senior roles across the pharmaceutical industry, specialized in commercial solutions and increasing value added to portfolio assets.
Having worked for Sanofi, and over 15 years with Novartis, Mike joins us as Senior Business Development Manager with focus on our CDMO project in Austria and strengthening our MAS team.

Mike Poole
Senior Business Development Manager

Lourdes serves as Global Head of Quality at EarlyHealth Group. With a background in laboratory research, Lourdes has carried out research and NGO support in Africa, Latin America and Europe. With a Master’s in Pharmacy, she has used her background to grow quickly upstream in quality assurance roles, from site RP to auditing global sites. As head of quality, Lourdes manages our quality teams to ensure product and patient safety across the services carried out. Speaking English and Spanish, Lourdes works from our offices in Dubai.

Lourdes Sanchez
Global Head of Quality

Ricardo serves as Medical Director at EarlyHealth Group. With 43 years experience in pediatric infectiology, Ricardo is responsible for medical affairs and our scientific department. Ricardo speaks Spanish and is based out of our Buenos Aires office.

Dr. Ricardo Teijeiro
Medical Director

Yael serves as Head of Research at EarlyHealth Group. Having a doctoral in medical research, she works closely with our medical affairs team and scientific department of our research unit in Argentina. Yael speaks Spanish and is based out of our Buenos Aires office.

Dr. Yael Catalano
Head of Research

Lucia serves as Quality Assurance and Site RP. With a Masters in Pharmacy, Lucia has both retail and wholesale experience in the European markets, primarily Spain. With background in supply chain optimization, Lucia joins our quality team in ensuring a high level of compliance and quality assurance. Speaking English and Spanish, Lucia works from our Spanish office.

Lucia Lario
Quality Assurance / Site RP
Region – Europe

Carina serves as Quality Assurance / Site RP at EarlyHealth Group. With a background in pharmacy, Carina is responsible in managing the QMS at our Buenos Aires facility, and ensuring compliance to GDP, GSP and local regulations. Carina speaks Spanish and is based out of our Buenos Aires.

Carina Tamalet
Quality Assurance / Site RP
Region – LATAM

Sobia serves as Quality Assurance and Site RP. With a Doctoral in Pharmacy, Sobia has both retail and wholesale experience in the MENA markets. With a background in product registration, Sobia joins our quality team in ensuring a high level of compliance and quality assurance. Speaking English, Urdu, Hindi, Sindhi and Arabic, Sobia works from our Dubai office.

Dr. Sobia Rahim
Quality Assurance / Site RP
Region – MENA

Victoria serves as a global head of procurement at EarlyHealth Group. A decade of experience is working with the pharmaceutical industry, Victoria manages our global teams to ensure the stable and reliable supply of materials for studies and patients. Speaking English, French and Polish, Victoria works from our Dubai office.

Dr. Victoria Larsson
Global Head of Procurement

Elena serves as our Head of Logistics at EarlyHealth Group. Dynamic with a problem-solving mentality, Elena has grown quickly into her position, having previously experienced both large scale international logistics at Auchan Group, as well as dedicated same-day EU retail services. Speaking English and Spanish, Elena runs her export global team from our Dubai office.

Elena Domingo
Global Head of Logistics

Natascha serves as our Financial Controller at EarlyHealth Group. Having worked for both Nasdaq listed companies and SME’s, Natascha works closely with our accountancy partners KPMG and PWC, having previously worked for these firms. Studied at Brunel University (UK) and Harvard Business School (USA), Natascha works between our Spanish and US offices, and speaks English, Dutch, French and German.

Natascha Maria
Financial Controller

Cristelyn serves as Regional Finance Manager at EarlyHealth Group. With a background in large organizations, Cristelyn manages the journals from staff till organization costs. As part of our inhouse accounting department, the team manages the thousands of day to day transactions and coordinates them with her department and corporate accountants KPMG. Speaking English and Tagalog, Cristelyn works from our Dubai office.

Cristelyn Manibog
Regional Finance Manager

Peer serves as Head of Marketing at EarlyHealth Group. With a Masters in Information Technology, Peer has worked for several large corporations and public organizations in successfully conceptualizing and implementing marketing strategies. His experience in project management has improved patient access and product awareness for our managed access products, and to inform our customers on the ongoing growth and developments of EarlyHealth. Speaking English and Tamil, Peer works from our Dubai office.

Peer Mushahideen
Global Head of Marketing

Ali serves as Office Manager at EarlyHealth Group. With background in corporate event planning, Ali manages the day to day requirements in maintaining the running of the head office. Ali has and manages a strong relationship with the local organizations (MOH, DHA, MOHRE, DED) to ensure compliance and smooth running of our departments locally and internationally. Speaking English and Arabic, Ali works from our Dubai office.

Ali Mohammad
Head Office Administrator

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