Modern Slavery Statement

EarlyHealth Group is committed to conducting its business operations ethically and responsibly, with a steadfast dedication to upholding human rights and combating modern slavery and human trafficking in all its forms. As a global services provider catering to the life sciences industry, EarlyHealth Group recognizes its responsibility to promote transparency and accountability throughout its supply chain and business activities.

Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and with multiple offices situated across the globe, including Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Singapore, and Japan, EarlyHealth Group operates within a diverse and complex network of partners, suppliers, and stakeholders.

We recognize that the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking exists within various sectors and geographic regions, and we are committed to implementing robust measures to prevent, detect, and address such abuses within our operations and supply chain. Our approach to combatting modern slavery encompasses the following key principles:

1. Policies and Procedures

EarlyHealth Group has developed and implemented comprehensive policies and procedures that explicitly prohibit modern slavery, forced labor, and human trafficking in all aspects of our business operations. These policies are communicated to all employees, suppliers, and business partners, and regular training is provided to ensure awareness and compliance.

2. Supply Chain Due Diligence

We conduct thorough due diligence assessments of our suppliers and business partners to assess the risk of modern slavery within our supply chain. This includes evaluating suppliers’ labor practices, conducting site visits, and engaging in dialogue to promote adherence to ethical standards and labor laws.

3. Contractual Obligations

EarlyHealth Group includes specific clauses in contracts with suppliers and business partners that require compliance with anti-slavery and human trafficking laws. We reserve the right to terminate relationships with any parties found to be engaging in or supporting modern slavery practices.

4. Reporting Mechanisms

We provide avenues for employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders to report concerns or suspicions of modern slavery anonymously and without fear of retaliation. Reports are thoroughly investigated, and appropriate actions are taken in accordance with our policies and legal obligations.

5. Continuous Improvement

EarlyHealth Group is committed to continuously reviewing and enhancing our anti-slavery efforts to adapt to evolving risks and challenges. We actively engage with industry peers, civil society organizations, and government agencies to share best practices and collaborate on initiatives to eradicate modern slavery.

Through these collective efforts, EarlyHealth Group remains steadfast in its commitment to combatting modern slavery and human trafficking, both within our organization and across the broader supply chain. We believe that by working collaboratively with stakeholders and promoting a culture of transparency and accountability, we can contribute to creating a world where all individuals are treated with dignity and respect. For more information, please contact our Compliance Department at .