Our History

Over the course of nearly four decades, EarlyHealth Group has continuously evolved and adapted to the ever-changing landscape of healthcare.

Founding Year – California, USA

Inventor and entrepreneur Tiddo W. Renout registered in 1984 with the European Patent Office [EP0187171A1] a primer composition patent for polyolefinic substrates, providing non-surface treated adhesion to both polyolefinics and adhesives used on non-polyolefinic substrates. For 20 years, until patent expiry, the polymer was the backbone recipe widely used in the chemical industry by Allied Chem, Bayer, Lord Corp and Henkel AG.

From Chemicals to Pharmaceuticals – Stuttgart, Germany

Through M&A, the company expands into the pharmaceutical industry in Germany, working with strategic partner Andreae-Noris Zahn AG (now Walgreens Boots Alliance). The wholesale and distribution business unit grows through the 90’s as countries in Europe join and form the European Union.

Relocating to the Heart of Pharma – Zug, Switzerland

With the expansion of our pharmaceutical business unit, the corporate headquarters relocated to Switzerland, fostering closer relationships with local pharmaceutical clients.

Expanding to Middle East

First steps in the Middle East, providing local markets with access to new therapeutic treatments from the US and Europe. By the late 1990s, a strong presence was developed in the UAE UAE, Saudi, Jordan and Qatar, establishing the foundation of our now Managed Access Services (MAS) business unit.

UK Market Transformation – Retail Spin off

The M&A division boosts turnover with the sale-off of retail pharmacies during the Boots Group merger with Alliance Unichem to create Alliance Boots Plc. The downstream consolidation of the UK market lead to establishing partnerships with manufacturers to render supply chain services for global clinical studies.

Clinical Trial Services, Fastest Growing BU – North America

Best performing business unit exceeds 200% growth with clinical trial services to sponsors in United States and Canada. Key services leading to the success: sourcing of clinical trial materials from EU, supply chain support to study sites, acting as local IOR, and regulatory support for IMP imports.

Breaking Ground in LATAM – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The group expands to Rio de Janeiro after five years supporting local State and Federal organizations for the importation of unregistered therapeutic treatments. This marked our entry into Latin American, which over the years followed with Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay.

Licensed Bonded Warehouse Switzerland

Licensed pharmaceutical bonded warehouses for clinical materials and commercial products in Switzerland. A site near Basel International Airport and another in central Switzerland, closer to Zurich International Airport.

Next Generation Elected to the Board

Dr. Danny A. Renout has been elected to the Board of Directors, continuing family control of the Group as it expands into clinical trial packaging and labelling.

New Office in Buenos Aires

A dedicated Managed Access Services office opens in Buenos Aires, Argentina, supporting the local group of patient access services. Argentina and Brazil leading the Groups LATAM market share.

New Facility in Spain

A new GDP facility opens in Spain, supporting our service offerings for southern European clients. Adding to our German and Swiss facilities, this new facility positions the Group as a strong player in the EU CTS industry.

Breaking Ground in APAC Region – Singapore

Group sets up office in Singapore as a hub to continue managing growth in the APAC region. During 2010-2020, the Group actively supported distribution of Clinical Trial Services in China, Japan and Taiwan, as well as supporting import licenses for managed access in India and South Korea.

New Global Group Name: EarlyHealth Group

After 34 years, the Group has decided on rebranding to EarlyHealth Group (“EHG”) and sharing a common logo and corporate slogan of Making Healthcare Accessible. With the business units focusing on supporting the development of new therapies and providing early access programs to ensure patient accessibility, the words Early and Accessible were the key factor in the stakeholder’s decision for changing the name and brand.

GMP Facility in Germany

After 15 years in Stuttgart, we expand our presence with a new GDP and GMP facility in Mülllheim, supporting both CTS and MAS services, as well as centralize EU storage and distribution.

New Headquarter in UAE

After 26 years with HQ in Switzerland, the corporate head quarter has moved to United Arab Emirates, in a 250m height commercial sky scraper in Dubai. Centrally positioned between Asia and Europe, the vision of the United Arab Emirates aligns with that of our group: diversity, growth and molding the future. With the move of HQ, our Swiss office has been integrated into the facilities of our GDP depot in Basel.

Breaking Ground in Turkey

After twelve years providing support to the Turkish health authority for preventing market shortages of key therapeutic medicines, our Group expands with a new entity in Taksim Square, Istanbul, and warehousing in Ankara.

New Facility in Osaka, Japan

Representing the group locally in Japan, our new Osaka GDP facility has been inaugurated to allow additional services of IOR, long term storage, regional procurement and daily direct to site deliveries.