Global Warehousing Solutions

Offering fully qualified scalable warehousing solutions with worldwide coverage.

We support pharmaceutical and biotech companies in navigating the challenging logistics & warehousing market with tailored, efficient solutions. We are committed to the industry’s best practices, allowing us to consistently provide top-notch and punctual services, thereby addressing the sector’s evolving demands.


Qualified GDP
/ GMP facilities

Our diverse range of qualified climate-controlled facilities and dedicated teams enables us to offer adaptable warehousing solutions to our clients, catering to global regions with ease.

Clinical and commercial
storage of products

We offer a comprehensive range of storage and distribution solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements for orphan drugs, clinical trial materials, and large-scale commercial consignment stock. Our facilities are equipped to handle various GDP temperature ranges, 24/7 monitoring systems that provide continuous real-time data, and supported back-up generators to ensure uninterrupted power supply to safeguard a robust infrastructure with the highest standards of care and compliance.

Bond Status

For maximizing efficiency of the storage and optimizing the costs we offer customs bonded warehouse options- which is a specialized storage facility subject to the oversight of customs authorities, allowing for storage and handling of materials, including pick & pack, in transit status.

and stock management

To ensure complete traceability of pharmaceutical products, our inventory and stock management system offers comprehensive control and visibility, tracking inventory from receipt to final product dispatch.


We offer comprehensive site return services, managing the entire reverse logistics cycle for return of clinical trial materials for destruction. This includes the careful handling of documentation, destruction planning and certification to ensure compliance with regulatory authorities and trial protocols.