Managed Access Services.

EarlyHealth Group supports manufacturers in offering patient access with treatments not yet registered in their country. Some medicines take years before the budget and healthcare infrastructure is in place to expand in new markets. EarlyHealth Group can provide access to these medicines reliably, safely and cost saving for thousands of patients globally.

Early Access Programs

Before a new medicine is registered anywhere, under certain conditions patients might have access to drugs still under development or pending market authorization. EarlyHealth Group’s Early Access Programs assists manufacturers in managing compassionate use programs, including pharmacovigilance, real world data (RWD) collection and home care nurse services.

Global Access

With access to over 25,000 healthcare products from USA, Europe and Asia, we can assist you in not only obtaining your medication, but also organizing the import regulations with local health authority, customs formalities and GDP delivery to your physician.

Managed Access Programs

We provide pharmaceutical and biotech companies a single-point solution for product awareness and named patient importation of their products in challenging international markets. With a focus in Latin America, Middle East and North Africa, as well as partnership solutions in other regions, EarlyHealth Group is uniquely suited to maximize value through importation for tender and name patient programs. Under exclusive distribution and quality agreements with pharmaceutical and biotech companies, we also provide pharmacovigilance, medical information and clinical awareness services.