Patient Access Services

Making unlicensed medicines accessible anywhere.

EarlyHealth Group provides on-demand, immediate medicine supply to patients around the world.

We receive requests for unavailable medicines that are needed for urgent treatment from anywhere in the world. We serve insurance companies, hospitals, government institutions, patient advocacy groups and individual patients.

Most of the requests that we receive are for innovative, advanced therapies needed to treat severe, often rare diseases. We do our utmost to quickly identify the manufacturer and procure the medicine with the most economically advantageous conditions for our customer.


Industry Network

Our long-standing relationship with the world’s largest manufacturers allows us to have excellent access to virtually all available medications. This advantage allows us to supply unlicensed medicines at very competitive prices, generally without intermediaries and with all quality guarantees.

Unlimited Access

With access to over 25,000 healthcare products from USA, Europe and Asia, we can assist you in not only obtaining your medication, but also organizing the import regulations with local health authority, customs formalities and GDP delivery to your physician.

Patient Import
Permit Management

We offer comprehensive services for managing patient import permits, ensuring seamless coordination from start to finish. Our process includes gathering all necessary patient documentation, organizing power of attorney, submitting and receiving import permits, and coordinating with health authorities to collect and deliver the imported medical products directly to the treating facility on behalf of the patient.


All our shipments are made by international transport companies specialized in the transport of medicines, and we use validated boxes and approved temperature data loggers.


Pharmacovigilance : Ongoing monitoring of the safety of the drug with a robust system to report adverse events, analyze data, and implement risk management strategies.

Patient Support Programs : Development of programs to support patients post-registration, which may include educational resources, adherence programs, and ongoing health monitoring.

Real-World Evidence Generation : Collection and analysis of real-world data post-launch to support further regulatory filings and market positioning. This can include observational studies, patient registries, and other post-marketing surveillance data.

Renewal and Variation Management : Handling the submission of necessary documentation for renewals, variations, or extensions of the drug’s market approval.

By providing these services, companies support pharmaceutical industry clients through the entire lifecycle of a drug, from managed access to full market introduction and beyond, ensuring both compliance and effectiveness of the therapy provided to patients.