Clinical Trial Supply

Clinical Trial Material Sourcing: Bridging the Gap Between Clinical and Commercial Supply Chains.

As the complexity of trials increases, our strategic relationships assure a reliable supply of clinical trial materials.

We provide our customers with an extensive array of clinical materials tailored to support clinical studies throughout the duration of the trial. Through our global reach, our distinctive advantage lies in offering solutions from various manufacturers and origins for comparators, co-medication, reference drugs, rescue medication, and ancillaries.

By strategizing the best sourcing approach, from local sourcing to foreign market procurement with equivalency statements, our team of project managers ensures the right sourcing strategy, accompanied by the appropriate supporting product documents to support your study.


  • Long standing established relationships with manufacturers and their global distributors, ensuring access and continuity of supply during the duration of your clinical study.
  • Exclusive gatekeeping and partnership agreements with biosimilar and generic manufacturers, enabling your study to stay on budget throughout the clinical trial phases.
  • Unparalleled access to over 60 countries, offering local procurement and the ability to procure locally for local site distribution, as we as exporting commercial and IMP to sites.
  • Continuous resupply through the duration of the clinical study, ensuring the materials are forecasted to avoid supply chain bottlenecks and shortages.


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As the complexity of clinical trials increases, it is crucial for trial sponsors to form strategic relationships to ensure a reliable supply of all necessary clinical trial materials, including the sourcing of comparator drugs.

We are committed to the sourcing and supply of commercial medicines for comparator use across all therapeutic areas. Our highly skilled and dedicated team are experts in providing reliable market information and possess an in-depth understanding of the clinical trial landscape, helping to proactively manage sourcing requests to stay ahead of study requirements.


Securing reliable relationships with manufacturers is critical for the continuity planning of clinical trial studies. Whether sourcing directly from manufacturers or through our robust network of their distributors, we ensure comprehensive sourcing planning, batch selection, expiry management, and provision of product documents (Certificate of Analysis, Batch Certificate, Equivalence Statement, Certificate of Origin, Safety Data Sheets).


With GDP and GMP compliant facilities spanning Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas, we guarantee rigorous quality and regulatory management to ensure product safety and study integrity. Our transactions are fully documented, including comprehensive supply chain pedigrees, temperature monitoring, and delivery records, all the way to the clinical study site.