Integrated Logistics Services

Providing customized and agile logistics solutions that enhance supply chain efficiency.

Our logistics services are designed to uphold the integrity of pharmaceutical products. Our committed approach ensures a seamless temperature-controlled chain by prioritizing meticulous handling, strict temperature monitoring, and complete visibility throughout the journey.


Temperature controlled
transportation solutions

We offer temperature-controlled logistics that span a broad spectrum of temperature ranges, from cryogenic temperatures (below -150°C) to frozen (-20°), refrigerated (+2°C+8°C), to controlled room temperature (+15°C+25°C).


Our quality assurance ensures that pharmaceutical products are handled and delivered with precision and care, adhering to regulatory GDP and GMP standards. Advanced temperature-controlled vehicles are used for road freight, with continuous monitoring, GPS tracking, secure packaging, and stringent handling procedures to protect against theft, contamination, and damage. For airfreight, we partner with reputable airlines and utilize temperature-controlled containers and real-time monitoring to maintain optimal conditions, coupled with secure packaging, tamper-evident seals, and continuous tracking to site. By embedding rigorous quality assurance measures into both road and air services, we guarantee the safe, reliable, and timely delivery of your pharmaceutical products or clinical trial materials.

Lane Risk Assessment
(Pharma Corridor)

We carefully assess the most suitable transportation alternatives by considering the capabilities of handling companies, airports, airlines, and road transportation companies, along with their Quality Management Systems (QMS) and risk mitigation protocols.

Site distribution
for clinical trials

Our logistics services for clinical trial site distribution ensure efficient, secure, and compliant delivery of pharmaceutical products from both our online and offline warehouses. By integrating these capabilities, our experienced logistics team collaborates with trial coordinators to develop customized distribution plans, ensuring timely and secure delivery.

Control Tower
(tracking and visibility)

We provide state-of-the-art real-time tracking and continuous temperature monitoring, ensuring unparalleled visibility and security of your pharmaceutical products throughout transportation. Utilizing sophisticated GPS and IoT technology, we provide a centralized platform with comprehensive oversight, real-time updates, detailed reports, and custom alerts, enabling proactive issue resolution and enhancing supply chain security.